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PH5 celebrates 60 years!

PH5 is a pendant lamp from the Danish brand Louis Poulsen. It is characterized by a modern design and the use of three tones, an habitual characteristic from its designer, Poul Henningsen.

The fixture provides 100% glare-free light both downward and lateral light and can be used with all the different type of light source. PH5 is characterized by a “new classic” design and for the little lanterns made to improve the cromatic reproduction. In the areas where the eye is less sensible the color is emphasized and, on the other hand, where the eyes is more sensible the color is attenuated.

This lamp, which was designed in 1958, can be found in different finishes and it is made in aluminium, copper and brass. There is also a small version and different accessories.

With its sixth anniversary, Poulsen has made an edition which combines the copper diffuser with a white finishes.

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