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Biosca & Botey in the Kurz & Gut of Palma

Biosca & Botey illuminates the new Kurz and Gut of Palma de Mallorca, an establishment of a chain of German food. In a place with a total of 105 m2, the luminaires selected by Biosca & Botey are the stars of the bar area and a small area of ​​the restaurant, located  next to the display of drinks. The project was made in collaboration with PLER INTERIORISTAS.

Four Foscarini lamps, the Aplomb, are responsible for lighting the bar area. These small cement pendant lamps with huge personality, the classic rough cement gray, which adds depth to the volumes.

Aplomb lamps use LED technology, which reduce maintenance interventions, while its particular value adds efficiency energy saving and eco-sustainability.

Bright Sprouts are the seven Nordic Tales’ lamps that light the area of beer exhibition. Bright Sprout must be combined with a rope and a light bulb, and black rope was used with Danish wood for the Kurz & Gut’s project. Also, the different heights provide a theatrical effect and emphasize the decorative lighting in the area.

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