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Crisálida by Antonio Miró for Dresslight

Crisálida by Antonio Miró for Dresslight, new window in Biosca & Botey

Chrysos from greek, “gold”, the pupae are among the most delicate and colorful nature, the same as Antonio Miró has recreated the lamp Chrysalis, Dresslight Barcelona brand, which is exposed in the light window of Biosca & Botey .

On a black background and guarded by dozens of small butterflies, the piece displays all its weightlessness and refined beauty. The tissue that surrounds it has been created on the basis of tulle decorated with flower petals of silk, each petal is sewn by hand, one by one, and casts soft light flashes. Like the butterfly, hanging by a thread of silk, and harmonics flowing forms make it float Chrysalis and integrated into the spaces with dim light source.

Dresslight Barcelona, specialized in customized lamps offers the opportunity to enjoy exclusive decorative lamps, made with materials that maintain the identity of each client. His mix haute couture creations, technology and creativity.

Making Off:

Making Off Escaparate Biosca & Botey, Crisálida de Antonio Miró para Dresslight from Dresslight on Vimeo.

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