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Discover the two Vibia collections: DUO and STRUCTURAL

On the one hand, DUO is a ceiling lamp designed by Ramos & Bassols. Inspired by nature, DUO is a ceiling light with surface installation where the natural warm appearance of the oak wood on the inside is combined with the technical refinement of the aluminium metal wrap on the outside.

It is a lamp of contrasts, which integrates naturally into all kinds of environments. Ideal for all-around illumination, ceiling lamps often serve as the primary lighting source in a space. DUO is available in matte graphite lacquer, matte cream lacquer, and matte white lacquer finishes.

On the other hand, the designer Arik Levy creates the STRUCTURAL luminaires for Vibia. A collection of wall and ceiling lamps that combine direct and indirect light thanks to their defined lines, which adapt to the functions integrated into the architecture of the spaces where they are located.

This ode to minimalism is inspired by the architecture of the caves of antiquity, which is illuminated by crude torches placed in corners.
Fully customisable, STRUCTURAL for a lighting system that provides a flexible lighting solution that can be positioned in places where illumination is normally not found. STRUCTURAL it’s encased in a spare aluminum box and paired with slim metal rods that both support and separate the geometric forms, it creates the appearance of points of light connected in space.
Available in three finishes: white, graphite and cream.

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