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Faro Barcelona presents exclusively 1968 in Biosca&Botey

Faro Barcelona presents exclusively 1968, its more handmade lamp, in Biosca&Botey showcase. A piece of design which creation is of one of the regular designer contributors to the brand, Jordi Busquets, whose manufacturing is developed entirely in Spain.

For its presentation, they wanted to create a showcase that combines tradition and modernity, elements that also combines the 1968 lamp. Inspired by late 1960s televisions, it has a curved wooden structure that gives it a touch of craftsmanship with the latest technology which is a lamp with built-in LED which is a nod to modernity, as the legs of the luminaire are printed in 3D.

1968 fixture is accompanied by two highly decorative elements: a subtly retro buffet, which marries perfectly with its design, by Labayru i González; and, as a companion during their stay, count with the presence of the rino Ceferino, an animal figure courtesy of Ornamante.

Can tune in 1968 during the two months that will be displayed in the window of Biosca & Botey! Pay attention to our social networks with the hashtag #sintoniza1968 next April 28th… Stay tuned.

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