The rationalization arrives at Biosca&Botey by the hand of Pin by Vibia | BioscaBotey

The rationalization arrives at Biosca&Botey by the hand of Pin by Vibia

For many the year begins in September and to celebrate the return, Biosca&Botey changes its window and gives way to the Pin lamps, a design more in keeping with the first days of autumn when the days begin to shorten and the evenings invite to the reading, to enjoy the warmth of home and a relaxed atmosphere.

The Pin family is a design by Ichiro Iwasaki for Vibia and is made up of a floor, a table and a wall lamp with a multi-arm and double-head option. This collection is characterized by its straight lines that converge in points of light that can be used for both ambient and focal lighting.

Iwasaki explores concepts related to continuity and comfort and that is why the family has a minimalist and refined style. Its versatility allows it to fit in both avant-garde and classic style homes.

Pin is characterized by a rounded base from which the light and straight structure emerges and ends in an included LED light spot. A high-performance lighting that emerges from the small head, adjustable in angle and rotation, and that allows us to create multiple combinations.

Pin is available in matte black, white, green and beige. Check them out in Biosca&Botey!

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