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Portable lamps as a gift

Christmas is almost here and with it the eternal doubts about what to give as a present. In Biosca & Botey we offer you table lamps with battery to make it right. Design models of recognized firms that thanks to autonomy allow you to place them wherever you want:


Rechargeable version of MINI PIPISTRELLO, a collection of modern style luminaires. The design of its base goes from more to less, with a telescopic shape and its diffuser opens like the leaves of a palm tree. It is made of methacrylate. It recharges through a micro-USB / type C and has a range of 6 hours.

VALENTINA by Studio Italia Design
VALENTINA collects all the characteristics of an Italian design: it mixes the classic with the timeless and manages to create a set of lights that makes it very special. Its prismatic diffuser, lets glimpse the light and create different light reflections. It is recharged with a battery included and can be found in different finishes.

The innovative BELLHOP by Flos. With a futuristic design, it has a minimalist style and round finishes. Remember a mushroom and can be found in four finishes. It has an autonomy of 8 hours and recharges through Micro-USB / type C. Includes a charging cable.

The last member of the CESTA family is the portable version of the CESTITA. Now an icon of design, this table lamp now arrives with an autonomy of 5 hours in maximum intensity. The structure is made of cherry wood, the glass screen and the LED light source. A great option to take the BASKET where you want.

ALABAST by Carpyen

TAKE AWAY by Faro Barcelona
TAKE AWAY is the most traveling design of Faro Barcelona. With an autonomy of five hours, its design includes a handle to take it better where you want. It also has three intensities and a wooden base, which helps you to rest on any surface. Small in size, it is ideal for a getaway or to go through the corridors of your home.

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