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ME is a lamp designed just for you

The flexible floor lamp ME is signed by Marten & Jonas - a Norwegian design-duo in 2015-, for Northern Lighting house.

The Me lamp is a versatile floor lamp that can be placed next to a desk, in a reading nook or next to the bed. The lamp arm is made of silicone and is adjustable to direct the light directly where needed.

The designers, Morten and Jonas, describe the lamp as being, “Me is a lamp designed just for you”. its illuminates a soft and cosy light.

Me is easy to enjoy, making it possible to personalise the angle and amount of light needed. A perfect light source for reading books or leafing through magazines.

The shade is in steel, the body is in steel and silicone that makes it flexible and will help you light your room as you want. This floor light is equiped with a 2 meters cable and a comfortable foot switch that makes it much easier to turn on and off sitting or standing, without having to stoop.

The shape is uncomplicated and sleek and it is available in petrol blue, white, grey or black.

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