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STRING by ROTALIANA, light that rotates

The family STRING is a design of Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda for the Italian firm ROTALIANA. A soft and linear structure that is articulated to direct the light where it is needed. The disc-shaped head, breaks with the linearity of the light.
sobremesas rotaliana
STRING is a completed series for interior lighting that comprises a wall light, a standing lamp, a desk lamp and a pendant lamp with LED of warm light. The set is available with finishes in matt white, matt black and silver. The string of the structure brings it a colour touch and can be black, grey or orange.

At the end of 2015, there was launched the XL version of the standing lamp, a lamp of big presence thought to occupy a whole space, to light it up from above. Its light falls down on the objects or the areas in a soft way, even being able to be regulated to obtain the needed intensity depending on the moment.
STRING by ROTALIANA belongs to the collection Happy LED and it is already available in Biosca&Botey!

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