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TALA arrives to Biosca&Botey

One of the novelties you will find in Biosca&Botey is TALA, a British brand inspired by the nature and a simple architectural figures.

With a simple style, the design collection VORONOI is characterized by the combinations of the three pendant lamps, pieces with details in different materials where the main objects are the big glass bulbs. There are different sizes and also the table lamp version, whose the structure is bigger, it is made of American walnut wood and it has the Touch Lamp system: the light is dimmable and it projects different levels.

The bulb designs are one of the most important things about this collection and reflects the brand style perfectly. Inspired by the natural erosion of the raindrop, they reflect a warm light.

TALA also have a classic series of LED bulbs. They are thought with a double functionality to adapt the general and decorative lighting and they are ideal not only for lamps, also to install alone.

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