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We have updated the image of his six stage houses. Now they dress in white and red to welcome visitors and make a tribute to the strength, durability and sustainability of products.

The idea, design and content of the new boxes is the work and creativity of five young students from the School of Design Elisava Barcelona: Sorcha Maguire (Ireland), Natalia Miguel (Spain), Maria Quilez (Spain), Aaron Paulino (Peru) and Juan Velandia (Colombia). Everything, concept, research into materials, construction and mounting … bears the stamp of his youth and enthusiasm.

From a sustainable point of view are handled three factors: environmental, taking the fan due to its low power consumption and durability, economic, built with reusable materials, defragmented and products that are being fully utilized and reduce costs; human, because it seeks connect the user with the concept.

They are a art work! Very interesting!

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