The original scenes are boxes which displays spaces news and lighting products and furniture
that Biosca & Botey selected for its visitors.

The boxes define each of the rooms of a house: kitchen, bathroom, dining room, bedroom and work area. The design and space allocation is done so that the visitor is from the observation of ordered compositions of objects and elements, who explore the area of the house you are visiting.

The aim is to understand and recognize the spaces, not furniture, but the objects we associate with each of them giving free rein to the interpretation and understanding of visitors.

Each of the rooms containing furniture and lighting designed by reference in the world of architecture and design, both contemporary and of other times. Therefore, and in this first selection, we have opted for Ingo Maurer designs, Alvar Aalto, Enzo Catellani, Tom Dixon and Jose Antonio Coderch.

Author: Tito Perez Mora, architect. AKA study
Contributor: Manuel Santolaria, interior designer.

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