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Two classic pendant lamps from Santa&Cole

In Biosca&Botey you will find the best lighting offert and, for that reason, we have the last novelties from SANTA & COLE. The brand its known for some of its designs, and now we propose you two pendant lamps:
TEKIÒ is a collection designed by Anthony Dickens inspired by the traditional Japanesse lintern. The light source is a LED lighting structures system which cover up the papers pieces. There are three models: cylindrical, vertical and horitzontal and all of its structure has made by Japanesse craftsman.

They project a warm light and thanks to its minimalist styles is perfect to create comfort in a large spaces. The cylindrical, horizontal and vertical versions allows you to make compositions and win light and personality.

On the other hand, CESTA and CESTITA have became an icone for the brand that now you can find in Biosca&Botey with their pendant version, GLOBO. Designed bt Miguel Milá, GLOBO preserves the oval shape from the initial model and it have been created with the same objective: “represents the characteristic warmth and well-being of Mediterranean culture.”

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