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Drop and Drip by Bover at Biosca&Botey

The company of lighting Bover is the responsible of the pendants Drop and Drip, both designed by Cristophe Mathieu.


The designer wanted the material, especially the shade, to be very tasty in sight, almost as if it were a candy. It is for this reason that both luminaires are characterized by their small glass shades.

The use of the glass influences the projection of the light, creates a perfect ambience for home ligting. The source LED illuminates what is to its step, although the light that it distributes is intimate and warm.


Drip and Drop can be found in various compositions of different light numbers, adapting to the needs of each project. For Christophe Mathieu It is important the place that will occupy the luminaire because that is where it makes sense.

The difference between Drip and Drop is the shade. They both share the same structure, but the Drip screen is straighter while the Drop display has a more rounded silhouette.

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