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The ideal trio from Team Italia

Team Italia is a young lighting company from Italy. The brand designs and produces in Verona using the latest technologies and a modern and contemporary style.

In Biosca&Botey you can find three differents proposals for each space and need: GIAVA is a pendant lamp with a transparent crystal diffuser and varnished glass. It has a circular shape and you can find it in two different measures. It is ideal to light up living tables or office zones through a lineal group of two or three units.

SIMPLY, on the other hand, is a wall lamp with LED technology and a special polyspecial lens which guarantees the bleeding control of its down structure. Its appearance is totally architectural and rectangular, the wall lamp stands out just from 4 to 6 cm. and projects the superior light with and open angle to reach the roof lighting, while the lower part covers the wall gradually. You can find it in five large sizes and in white, black, grey, rustic and mink finishes.
Another similar design is the wall lamp ARIELL. An LED lamp with a minimalist style and horizontal shape which stands out 10 cm. ARIELL is functional and has a high efficiency. It is designed to project the light from the top and it is ideal for business offices, museums or hotels. You can find it in three large sizes and with the same five finishes. You can also use a textile style cable which will allow you to put the wall lamp wherever you want, although if you do not have an electrical point.

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