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JUBE by Vistosi won Archiproducts Design Award 2017

Jube is a pendant lamp designed by Favaretto & Partners for Vistosi. It has been awarded with Archiproducts Design Award 2017 for its quality and aesthetic.

Colgante Jube de Vistosi

Its sinuous and delicate shape is born from the joining of two blown glass balloons and once together they create a retro-style overlay.

A powerful water jet perforates glass and creates two holes of a large diameter, so that the fusion of the two pieces is perfectly integrated; And the piece is perceived as a single.

The bottom glass is bright white, with various colour options for the top glass. The warm LED light source is adjustable, so it can be adapted to the lighting needs of the room.

Perfecto para estudios y dormitorios

The light source is hidden in the second piece of white colour, so it seems that it is the diffuser itself that light and not the bulb.

This pendant reminds of the years 40 and 50, with a Mad Men aesthetic that will appeal to both nostalgic and modern.

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