A rose + a nose = a smile

True to its social commitment, this year will place a rose placed at the entrance to the store and what we raise will be delivered in full to the ONG Pallapupas, Clowns Hospital to help children feel more children and less ill when admitted .In this way, we celebrate Sant Jordi with our customers and contribute financially to a good cause: the continued presence of the Pallapupas in hospitals to accompany children on their way through the operating room and continue reaching infant smiles.

The proceeds from the sale of roses will be donated to the ONG Catalan, in the last 12 years has led to excitement and happiness over 260,000 people in Catalonia. A rose + a nose = a smiles is the claim for Sant Jordi 2012, as the rose with red nose will be offered Pallapupas emblem. Moreover, children who attend will be given Official Card of Pallapupas  that certifies them as “Official Creator of Smiles”.

The work of the Pallapupas is greatly needed in the health centers because, through play and laughter, they create a particular universe in which they manage to turn the quiet tension and worry to joy. Before the clowns children and their families relax and, in this positive environment, health personnel plays a better job.

In addition, we opened the Racó de Lectura (reading corner)  where we enjoy the latest books in architecture and interior design. A place for inspiration, to find it and enjoy it. For coffee, talks … A place that invites you to come meet him and return.

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