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TUNDS reissues Disa, the recognised lamp of Coderch

TUNDS presents the renowned suspension lamp Disa, reissuing the only luminaire that the architect José Antonio Coderch designed and manufactured while alive. With this 2015 version, the firm directed by the great nephew of the architect recovers version the exact measurements and desired materials from the original design of the 1950s. Takes the opportunity to incorporate technical improvements that increase the features and overall performance of the lamp.

TUNDS has refashioned the DISA model in opal white methacrylate and wood, and has invested in the manufacturing process to give the slats better protection and durability in a way that increases their resistance to wear and tear. To the wood version and during the manufacturing process, TUNDS has added to the 0.7 mm thick slat of natural wood a bath of matt and colorless varnish that keeps the original appearance of Oregon pine. This feature does not prevent the passage of light, or dampen the projection of the lights well-known, warm and completely natural hue.

To avoid the direct flashes that were a feature of the old design, TUNDS and Coderch’s heirs have built-in a system of vertical LED technology of 2700K, which provides the warmth and comfort and the elimination of the jets of light up and down that the architect always sought minimise. And this improvement makes that the inside of the luminaire hardly heats up, and allows the luminous flux to distribute light from its vertical axis to a full 360 °, through all its slats in a homogeneous way for perfect diffusion.

The Coderch’s suspension luminaire is a design emblematic and recognized in the world of lighting and architecture. Known as the “Coderch’s  lamp“, it keeps the original design, but is now more contemporary thanks to TUNDS and its supporters. How could it be otherwise? In our desire to provide timeless models from great designers and the most prestigious brands, you can now find DISA at Biosca&Botey. It is presented with the slats disassembled in a fully optimized and reduced packaging, making it an attractive offer that is easily transportable, and fully manageable to assemble.

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