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Icons of design: Original 1227™ Brass, the Anglepoise® Lamp

The Original 1227™ was launched in 1935 and the time has been responsible for establishing it as one of the great classics of the design. Moreover, it is said that this lamp has been the pioneer of certain standards under which later desk lamps are produced.

A few years before to its launch, his designer George Carwardine, an engineer from the automotive industry, created a revolutionary mechanism for that time: three springs and a lever based device that give the lamp a great flexibility and a perfect balance.

Anglepoise® is a brand that has managed to reinvent his classics with new versions. This way, the Original 1227™ Brass adds details of brass to the design. This reinterpretation of the iconic desk lamp gives a chic touch, as the brand affirms, but at the same time a Premium air. A perfect combination of form and function, which is characterized by its total adaptability to space and precision to orient the shade.

Model: Original 1227™
Designer: George Carwardine
Brand: Anglepoise®
Year: 1935

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