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SKAN by Vibia, minimalist desing to return to the essential

The lamp SKAN by Vibia leads the light window of Biosca & Botey. SKAN is a hanging lamp with a minimalist design, which returns to essential, combining basic forms and pure lines. Designed by Lievore, Altherr and Molina SKAN was rewarded by the award Design Plus 2012, in the Light + Building 2012 Exhibition.

 SKAN of Vibia in Biosca & Botey

As explains Alberto Lievore in an interview realized for Vibia, the idea behind SKAN was to recover the concept of hanging lamp: a shape with a bulb inside, but bringing it to these days. With the LED lighting it has been possible, since they could have minimized the volume.

This way, re-interpreting the volume of the shapes of lighting, SKAN brings together the elaborated simplicity of an outstanding figure with the light functionality and the touch of contemporary design: the light in its elementary form. The LED technology brings its energy efficiency and a high light yield to create an effect of warm and comfortable light.

SKAN shape

SKAN integrates perfectly into the ambience and the decoration of spaces of free time and residential, while it projects its own spirit. The effect that it is about to obtain, in ideal terms, explains Lievore that would be “like the divine light, nobody knows where it comes from, but everything lights up”.

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