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Atemporal clasic metals

Publicado: 16 de May de 2019 a las 11:07 am


Even if you have to light up a modern study or a classic home, in BioscaBotey you will find LOFT and SIGNAL collections from the French brand JIELDÉ.

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Old London lights

Publicado: 6 de May de 2019 a las 8:22 am


IL FANALE bet its last collection to iron with LONDON IRON. A pendant, wall and ceiling family lamps inspired by the industrial London from the beginning of the XX century.

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The gold Tom Dixon light

Publicado: 25 de April de 2019 a las 9:10 am


The English brand Tom Dixon arrives to Biosca&Botey with FLAT BLACK version of THE BEAT FAMILY, a collection of pendant lamps made of brass with black and gold.

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PH5 celebrates 60 years!

Publicado: 10 de April de 2019 a las 1:06 pm


PH5 is a pendant lamp from the Danish brand Louis Poulsen. It is characterized by a modern design and the use of three tones, an habitual characteristic from its designer, Poul Henningsen.

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TALA arrives to Biosca&Botey

Publicado: 21 de March de 2019 a las 5:17 pm


One of the novelties you will find in Biosca&Botey is TALA, a British brand inspired by the nature and a simple architectural figures.

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The perfect Milan circle

Publicado: 8 de March de 2019 a las 1:49 pm


We want to show you our new shop window, the last until the move, with Milan Iluminación an its collection HALF. It is a collection designed by Francesc Rifé and inspired and conceived by the simplicity of its circles and its fine movements.

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New location, new age

Publicado: 27 de February de 2019 a las 11:50 am


We move to another localtion! Yes, you have read well. When the springs arrives, Biosca&Botey will move the shop to Carrer Princesa, in the El Born district.

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The elegant minimalism of Kundalini

Publicado: 13 de February de 2019 a las 4:20 pm


They share their fine style, an oval design and diffuser made of glass: The LANNÁ family and the lamp HIVE, of Kundalini, are the new proposals to light up your home

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ME is a lamp designed just for you

Publicado: 29 de January de 2019 a las 11:56 am


The flexible floor lamp ME is signed by Marten & Jonas – a Norwegian design-duo in 2015-, for Northern Lighting house.

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Two classic pendant lamps from Santa&Cole

Publicado: 17 de January de 2019 a las 4:52 pm


In Biosca&Botey you will find the best lighting offert and, for that reason, we have the last novelties from SANTA & COLE. The brand its known for some of its designs, and now we propose you two pendant lamps

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Beddy the minimalist collection of Danos Salgados for Bover

Publicado: 31 de December de 2018 a las 12:31 pm


Beddy the minimalist collection of Danos Salgados for Bover

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El árbol navideño de Biosca&Botey

Publicado: 19 de December de 2018 a las 4:15 pm


(Español) Con la llegada de las Fiestas Navideñas estrenamos nuevo escaparte y lo hacemos de la mano de MARTINELLI LUCE y un particular árbol de Navidad.

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Portable lamps as a gift

Publicado: 14 de December de 2018 a las 10:42 am


Christmas is almost here and with it the eternal doubts about what to give as a present. In Biosca & Botey we offer you table lamps with battery to make it right.

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Discover the two Vibia collections: DUO and STRUCTURAL

Publicado: 10 de December de 2018 a las 9:53 am


Two collections from Vibia arrive at Biosca & Botey: DUO by Ramos & Bassols and STRUCTURAL by Arik Levy.

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VALENTINA arrives at Biosca&Botey

Publicado: 22 de November de 2018 a las 8:17 am


VALENTINA is a family of lamp designed by Andrea Tosetto in 2018, for Studio Italia Design

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Finnish wood for a cold autumn

Publicado: 31 de October de 2018 a las 12:32 pm


Biosca&Botey release autumn light window with two brands from Finland: SECTO DESIG and TUNTO.

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SATA by VISTOSI won Good Design Award 2017

Publicado: 9 de October de 2018 a las 9:59 am

Destacada SATA

The SATA floor and table lamp, designs of Favaretto & Partners for Vistosi.

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Zettel’z 5 by INGO MAURER

Publicado: 2 de October de 2018 a las 3:47 pm

Destacada Zettelz

Zettel’z 5 was designed by INGO MAURER in 1997. Besides being a luminaire, its a design reference that plays with the lights and shadows.

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Music and fireflies in the new corner of Lladró

Publicado: 26 de September de 2018 a las 12:13 pm


Biosca&Botey launch a new corner in the shop of the signature Lladró. To the visitors, I want to tell them that since today they’ll be able to enjoy live Jamz and Firefly’s collection.

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Incontro by CINI&NILS

Publicado: 18 de September de 2018 a las 9:46 am


Incontro is a lamp that can be installed both on the wall and on the ceiling thanks to its squared base and its asymmetric diffuser.

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Back to the routine with BANKER by Original BTC

Publicado: 5 de September de 2018 a las 10:10 am


There is nothing better than the modern’s version of the classic BANKER offered by Original BTC

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Two proposals of TOSCOT

Publicado: 23 de July de 2018 a las 7:55 am


In Biosca&Botey we bet for the best quality and design brands. For that reason, we show you two proposals of the recognized Italian firm Toscot.

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Guise, the only backlit luminaire

Publicado: 12 de July de 2018 a las 11:21 am


It has been recently awarded with a German Design Award 2018 and with the prestigious Red Dot for its technical innovation and quality in design.

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Bamboo and the natural art

Publicado: 9 de July de 2018 a las 7:50 am


Summer is a good time to keep in touch with nature, we can enjoy the wind when it is really hot or hear the sea waves. We re-connect with the little details, the handmade and the joy to have free time.

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JUBE by Vistosi won Archiproducts Design Award 2017

Publicado: 3 de July de 2018 a las 12:30 pm


Jube is a pendant lamp designed by Favaretto & Partners for Vistosi. It has been awarded with Archiproducts Design Award 2017 for its quality and aesthetic.

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New shop window: Faro Barcelona fans

Publicado: 20 de June de 2018 a las 10:35 am


The summer has finally arrived and we want to change our shop window to offer you the quality and the efficiency in fans. And, to do that, we have Faro Barcelona fans in a very special performance. It is minimalist, with a lot of style, and fresh.

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Pamela, a female name that means perfection

Publicado: 19 de June de 2018 a las 9:38 am


Pamela is a family design created by the designers Roman Úbeda and Otto Canalda for the lighting firm Metalarte

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The sea-inspiration of Garota

Publicado: 13 de June de 2018 a las 9:08 am


Gonzalo Milà and Alex Fernandez signed the pendant lamp Garota of Bover firm, a design family for outdoor lighting inspired by the shape of sea urchin.

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Welcome Ferroluce to Biosca&Botey!

Publicado: 8 de June de 2018 a las 11:46 am


Biosca&Botey welcomes the Ferroluce lighting company, specializing in the production of luminaries since 1982 and with the aim of preserving the excellence of Italian manufacturing.

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Four lamps of KUNDALINI

Publicado: 28 de May de 2018 a las 12:40 pm


The Italian brand KUNDALINI arrives to Biosca&Botey with four novelties for home. The designs are characterized by the brand claim, which is defined as Cosmopolitan and modular design, and works with the last technological trends.

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Publicado: 22 de May de 2018 a las 9:17 am


Biosca&Botey has the pleasure to introduce the Italian lighting company SLAMP. This company is characterized by being inspired by nature and artistic tendencies.

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INFINITE AURA, the most innovative lamp of Swarovski

Publicado: 15 de May de 2018 a las 10:42 am


Design, innovation and technology works perfectly in this exclusive lamp from Swarovski. INFINITE AURA is a pendant lamp design by IDEO studio characterized by the personalized light it emits.

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Palma, a design by Antoni Arola for Vibia

Publicado: 11 de May de 2018 a las 9:31 am


Biosca&Botey opens one of its famous corners. On this occasion the protagonist is Palma by Antoni Arola for Vibia and it has been awarded with the German Design Award 2018.

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Faro Barcelona outdoor novelties

Publicado: 24 de April de 2018 a las 9:44 am


The good weather is almost here and everybody is looking forward to organizing events in the garden and terraces. For that reason, in Biosca&Botey you will find the outdoor novelties that Faro Barcelona presented last winter

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5 read lamps to celebrate Sant Jordi

Publicado: 19 de April de 2018 a las 9:02 am


This 23th of April we’ll celebrate Sant Jordi or World Book Day. For that reason and to push this habit so healthy, Bisoca&Botey shows you 5 lamps for read and work.

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Create a different space with Melina

Publicado: 18 de April de 2018 a las 9:46 am


Gabriel Teixidó is the Melina lamp designer, which presents the Catalan brand Carpyen. It is a table lamp made in oak wood and with beige linen shade. It has a Nordic and a minimalist style.

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5 lamps that show you Gubi’s elegance

Publicado: 16 de April de 2018 a las 5:05 pm


Gubi is a Danish company dedicated to creating luxury items for everyday life. They combine the past and the present to create products that stimulate the senses and at the same time are practical.

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Welcome spring! Two ideas to light the garden

Publicado: 19 de March de 2018 a las 11:03 am


At Biosca&Botey, we have a wide selection of outdoor light fittings. Here are two models from the firm PLATEK.

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The ideal trio from Team Italia

Publicado: 14 de March de 2018 a las 12:17 pm

Team italia_destacada

Team Italia is a young lighting company from Italy. The brand designs and produces in Verona using the latest technologies and a modern and contemporary style. In Biosca&Botey you can find three differents proposals for each space and need.

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Design Icons: Random Light by Moooi

Publicado: 6 de March de 2018 a las 8:54 am


Random Light is a pendant lamp which the Dutch brand Moooi launched in 2002.Designed by Bertjan Pot, the Random Light has become a best seller from the beginning.

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GLO, the hypnotizing lamp from PENTA

Publicado: 1 de March de 2018 a las 9:24 am


Carlo Colomba is the author of one of the most iconic lamps from PENTA, the pendant lamp GLO. Its design is so modern and impressive. The diffuser has a totally circular shape, like a bubble glass, and, for that reason.

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Puraluce, technical excellence

Publicado: 20 de February de 2018 a las 10:36 am


The Italian lighting company Puraluce has a deal with the future: to create the most advanced lighting technology and bring it to market, constantly creating a new and special product.

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Sputnik, light everywhere

Publicado: 19 de February de 2018 a las 3:51 pm


SPUTNIK is a floor lamp from the Catalan Brand, Carpyen. As all of their products, it has been designed and make in Barcelona and it is characterized by an easy but sophisticated style.

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Mondrian, squared design

Publicado: 12 de February de 2018 a las 11:02 am


Mondrian is a design from Metalarte. You can use it as a wall lamp or as a ceiling lamp because it has a hook to install directly to the roof.

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Following the stars! 3 pendants lamps by Mister Karton

Publicado: 8 de February de 2018 a las 12:43 pm


The 3 pendants lamps are part of Geo Collection and for that reason can be combined perfectly between them, because only varies the shape of these, but not its essence.

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Pipistrello in Biosca&Botey

Publicado: 5 de February de 2018 a las 9:55 am


Pipistrello is a lamp that you can use as a floor or table lamp and it was designed by Gae Aulenti in 1965 for the Italian Brand Martinelli Luce. It is considerate an Italian design icon.

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Achille Castiglioni, is the undisputed star of our showcase

Publicado: 1 de February de 2018 a las 3:45 pm


Biosca & Botey is launching a new showcase and nothing better to start this 2018 than a small example of the creations of one of the considered “fathers” of Italian design.

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MOBY AP from Vistosi

Publicado: 26 de January de 2018 a las 1:00 pm

Moby ap_destacada

Vistosi, the Italian lighting company, is the wall lamp MOBY AP author. It has a curve shape and its style is similar to the antique Greece. It is made in crystal from Murano, like all Vitosis collections.

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Bolgheri pendant lamp by Toscot, Italian ceramic

Publicado: 26 de January de 2018 a las 9:19 am


Toscot remarks its Italian DNA in each of its luminaries, Bolgheri pendant is characterized by its artisanal production

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New finishes of Mini Type 75 by Anglepoise

Publicado: 18 de December de 2017 a las 9:02 am


Biosca&Botey has the new finishes of the legendary Mini Type 75 by Anglepoise. The new colors are silver, gold and copper.

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A box full of light

Publicado: 13 de December de 2017 a las 4:50 pm


CUBOLED is an original table lamp of Cini&Nils with a square shape. The light comes from the top of the lamp, but just if you open the lid it has.

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It’s Christmas time at Biosca&Botey with 3 gift options

Publicado: 7 de December de 2017 a las 4:04 pm


(Español) A menos de dos semanas para Navidad, el escaparate de Biosca&Botey se convierte en un idílico rincón lleno de nieve y espíritu navideño. Por primera vez, Biosca&Botey propone un escaparate multimarca.

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Christmas Holidays in Biosca&Botey

Publicado: 5 de December de 2017 a las 9:55 am


Christmas is already here and Biosca&Botey will be closed some important days. Merry Christmas!

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Drop and Drip by Bover at Biosca&Botey

Publicado: 4 de December de 2017 a las 11:54 am

destacada drip y drop

The company of lighting Bover is the responsible of the pendants Drop and Drip, both designed by Cristophe Mathieu.

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Lighting of Nordic design: TEELO 8020

Publicado: 20 de November de 2017 a las 10:44 am


TEELO 8020 of Secto Design is a Nordic design table lamp. It is made by Finland wood and its design is simple but refined.

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Vistosi Glamour arrives at Biosca&Botey by the hand of Futura

Publicado: 14 de November de 2017 a las 10:28 am


Appearing as two separate chambers of glass, the Vistosi’s Futura Pendant is actually formed from a single piece of hand-blown Murano glass, carefully tinted during the production process with transparent and opaque finishes.

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Revista Interiores

Publicado: 14 de November de 2017 a las 9:09 am


Magazine: Revista Interiores / Brand: Original BTC

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Vertigo Bird presents 3 novelties for 2017

Publicado: 9 de November de 2017 a las 9:53 am


Vertigo Bird is a Slovak lighting company whose aim is change the elements into a new and unpredictable designs

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Biosca&Botey lights up the new Multiópticas Gran Canaria

Publicado: 7 de November de 2017 a las 9:58 am


Grupo Faro and Biosca&Botey have been in charge of lighting the new Multiópticas center of Gran Canaria in a comprehensive way

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Nuki, the zen lamp

Publicado: 23 de October de 2017 a las 4:11 pm


Mister Karton is the designer brand which has created the lamp Nuki. It is a modern brand based in the sustainable design and characterized by a fine and simple style.

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Dry F by Rotaliana, a timeless floor lamp

Publicado: 19 de October de 2017 a las 12:04 pm


Dry F has been designed by Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda for Rotaliana, an Italian brand

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DESIGN ICONS: Parentesi by Flos

Publicado: 18 de October de 2017 a las 10:04 am


The Parentesi suspension lamp was created by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzu in 1971 and has become a design icon.

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3 Martinelli Luce’s pendants lamps for home lighting

Publicado: 10 de October de 2017 a las 8:45 am


Martinelli Luce proposes us 3 pendants lamps with personality perfect for home lighting

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Plaqué, a trick of light and shadow

Publicado: 27 de September de 2017 a las 9:25 am


Josep Lluís Xuclà is the author of this modern and minimalist wall lamp, made with Insolit. The light is LED and adjustable because it has a dimmer button included.

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The rationalization arrives at Biosca&Botey by the hand of Pin by Vibia

Publicado: 26 de September de 2017 a las 10:45 am


For many the year begins in September and to celebrate the return, Biosca&Botey changes its window and gives way to the Pin lamps

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An Italian dome

Publicado: 19 de September de 2017 a las 11:57 am


Toscot, Italian lamp design brand, returns with a large pendant model for interior lighting, the NOTORIUS lamp.

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Arturo Álvarez, the master of light

Publicado: 5 de September de 2017 a las 8:18 am


Arturo Álvarez is also the name and soul of the lighting company. The product is made by hand and for that reason each lamp is unique.

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Biosca&Botey closes for summer holidays

Publicado: 24 de July de 2017 a las 7:11 am


Biosca&Botey will be closed from 5-08-2017 to 27-08-2017 for summer holidays. See you!

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Cannettata, sophisticated Italian style

Publicado: 19 de July de 2017 a las 2:15 pm


The lamp Cannettata is characterized with a classic and contemporary design and a high quality material. It is made by the Italian brand De Majo. With a circular shape made of glass, the lamp includes a height adjustment system.

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Publicado: 13 de July de 2017 a las 2:22 pm


Andrea Tosetto has created the apply Nautilus, a decided and sophisticated, very versatile and functional design proposal. His name is a tribute to the fictional submarine created by Julio Verne and appearing in the novels “Veinte mil leguas de viaje submarino” and “La isla misteriosa”.

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Outdoor lighting, the solution for summer nights

Publicado: 4 de July de 2017 a las 7:33 am


Lighting plays an important role, since our terraces come alive after the sun goes down and the heat gives us a small truce.

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5 outdoors lights from Faro Barcelona

Publicado: 29 de June de 2017 a las 11:30 am


(Español) Llega el verano, el buen tiempo y las ganas de hacer vida en el jardín o la terraza de casa. Por ello, en Biosca&Botey encontrarás una selección de lámparas de exterior de Faro Barcelona con distintas opciones para iluminar y decorar la parte exterior de tu hogar.

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HOOK the ecological and solidary project of Faro Barcelona

Publicado: 23 de June de 2017 a las 1:18 pm


(Español) HOOK es una luminaria innovadora, creada junto con los diseñadores OiKo Design Office, para reducir el impacto ambiental y obtener un producto hecho en España con tapones reciclados.

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Original BTC, the English charm in 4 lamps

Publicado: 15 de June de 2017 a las 12:41 pm


Biosca&Botey is characterized by its wide range of brands and for this reason our lighting proposals would not be complete without Original BTC. BTC pays special attention to the shape and the concept, to which they add high quality materials that make the result unique.

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Aspiro 8000: Finnish wood with the latest LED technology

Publicado: 1 de June de 2017 a las 5:09 pm


We want to show you a new model from the Finnish brand Secto Design, a small revolution of the use of the Scandinavian wood that created a completely manual and specialized process for his lamps.

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Alessandro Volta Collection and James Watt Collection

Publicado: 25 de May de 2017 a las 5:21 pm


Tomeko Design shows Alessandro Volta Collection and James Watt Collection and, as in most of their designs, the recycled wood and the Edison bulbs are the protagonists. A new proposal that continues with the Brand philosophy: recycle and recover ancient wood beams

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Take advantage of the Design Week discounts

Publicado: 22 de May de 2017 a las 3:48 pm


In Biosca&Botey want to celebrate the new Barcelona Design Week edition to support entrepreneurs and professionals of the design industry, creativity and innovation. It is an initiative of Barcelona Centre de Disseny that will organize a lot of activities.

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Jordi Jané’s metallic design

Publicado: 11 de May de 2017 a las 4:08 pm


Milan iluminación show us a hanging, but modern lamp with a minimalist design made by the designer Jordi Jané, the lamp Pla. On the lamp predominates the metal, which you can find in four finished options, the great metallic screen and the decorative piece that stands out of the interior part.

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Volta by Estiluz, the reinterpretation of chandelier

Publicado: 4 de May de 2017 a las 9:07 am


Volta is a design created by Nahtrang to Estiluz lighting company. This suspension lamp has a curved metallic body, cylindrical aluminium heads and acrylic lens diffusers.

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Faro Barcelona’s fans refresh the window shops of Biosca&Botey

Publicado: 2 de May de 2017 a las 1:45 pm

faro ventila-el-escaparate-destacada

Fans are an efficient way to cool down a room. They do not make the air too dry and, combined with an air conditioning system, they will let you lower the temperature without spending too much money on electricity.

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The classic style, art noveau and art deco by Patinas Lighting is already available in an exclusive corner at Biosca&Botey

Publicado: 24 de April de 2017 a las 3:42 pm


In that case, Patinas Lighting, Hungarian lighting brand, has a classic style and now has its own space in our store. You can see all the possibilities of customizing of its lamps.

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Forestier: EAST glass pendant lamp

Publicado: 20 de April de 2017 a las 1:44 pm


Biosca&Botey, Lighting store, has a great collection of Forestier’s lamps. In this occasion, we want to introduce you the pendant lamp EAST designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance. The suspension has an elegant body of mould glass that reminds a drop of water.

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5 fans with which to decorate your space

Publicado: 6 de April de 2017 a las 1:41 pm

imagen destacada

With the arrival of the summer seasons, we all think of acquiring a fan to calm the temperatures and generate a comfortable atmosphere in our interior spaces. But when selecting the system, we must keep in mind the decoration of the space, because it must create a harmony when integrated with the other decorative elements.

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The magic of a lamp transformed into design

Publicado: 28 de March de 2017 a las 8:13 am


The CESTA portable lamp is the work of the prestigious designer Miquel Milà, one of the most recognized in the country. With the intention of renewing the tradition, this pre-industrial designer has managed to bring the way of seeing the design to that of the craftsmen, taking care of all the process of creation and working with noble materials, creating a conceptual vision that marks a before and after in the history of Spanish design.

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304 XL Lampe Gras Outdoor wall lamp

Publicado: 27 de March de 2017 a las 10:44 am

304 XL Lampe Gras

There are models that are a classic and that is what happens with this wall lamp of the brand Lampe Gras called 304 XL and designed by Bernard-Albin Gras in 1922. This light is designed for outdoor lighting, although sometimes we can find it indoors, in modern spaces and with industrial style.

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Frozen and Laser Cube: HE LED luminaires from Studio Italia Design

Publicado: 16 de March de 2017 a las 9:34 am

bioscabotey dispone de laser de studio italia design

Choosing the perfect light source is becoming increasingly important, not only for our homes but for commercial establishments as well. Today, we bring forth two high-efficiency LED lamps (LED HE) from Italia Design that are both energy efficient and decorative.

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Publicado: 13 de March de 2017 a las 5:16 pm

icono del diseno-flowerpot

Its 70’s style, its colors and its shape have turned the Flowerpot hanging lamp into a design icon. This lamp was designed in 1968 by Verner Panton, during the happy and carefree era of the Flower Power, on the same year of the student riots that took place in Paris, Rome and the United States.

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Renew you home with these 5 standing lamps

Publicado: 24 de February de 2017 a las 1:24 pm

renueva tu hogar con 5 lamparas de pie

In Biosca&Botey, shop specialized in lighting in Barcelona, we are aware of the potential of these lights and that’s why we want to offer you a selection of 5 designer standing lamps. These lights are very versatile and easy to move in case you want to change its place.

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APLOMB Large by Foscarini, the light cement pendant lamp

Publicado: 20 de February de 2017 a las 9:30 am

aplomb large gris-destacada

The new pendant lamp follows the line of the Aplomb family; however, in this case, the magic lies in the material with which it is manufactured, cement. Aplomb Large has a fine silhouette that resembles a UFO, slim and light, which, however, due to the material with which it is made, also stands out for its strength.

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Safir’s Nordic design by Nordlux at Biosca & Botey

Publicado: 15 de February de 2017 a las 1:26 pm


Nordlux is a brand with more than 30 years of experience. Its designs are simple and minimalistic, a perfect fit for homes where the need for warmth prevails. The SAFIR line by Nordlux features a wall lamp and two table lamps, one with a support and another one with a clamp, all made with metal and straight lines.

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The functionality of Button by Estiluz lights up our display.

Publicado: 31 de January de 2017 a las 3:26 pm

button en el escaparate de biosca -destacada

Button is a light designed by Francesc Rifé for Estiluz. This lamp has been awarded with the 2016 Red Dot Award in Lighting Design. But what is special about it? It is designed to cover different necessities, it can light big or small spaces, thanks to its rail system to which you can add as many light points as needed.

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BAMBOO by Forestier Paris

Publicado: 23 de January de 2017 a las 12:13 pm


Bamboo is a collection by Forestier Paris designed by Arik Levy. It is characterized by the balanced combination between straight lines and curves, like they are in nature. The combination of colors gives more volume to the lamp; and therefore, more presence within a space. It can be found in black, red and green.

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Publicado: 18 de January de 2017 a las 12:00 pm


Luxo L-1 was created by the Norwegian engineer Jac Jacobsen in 1937 and has more than 25 million units sold all over the world.It is considered as one of the 100 most important designs of all times. A true icon that has received numerous international awards.

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Romeo&Giuletta are the main characters in Bioca&Botey’s shop window

Publicado: 23 de November de 2016 a las 12:35 pm


Biosca&Botey presents a dazzling and amazing store window. For the first time, Federico di Majo and its Murano’s glass pendant lamps will be present in Barcelona for a special occasion.

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New! BULB pendant lamp and SKY ceiling lamp by Carpyen

Publicado: 14 de November de 2016 a las 10:44 am

bulb and sky by Carpyen

Biosca&Botey broadens its selection, in this case was added to its catalogue two new models of the Catalan company Carpyen. These two designer lamps can find them in Biosca&Botey, located in Girona Street (Barcelona).

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Icons of design: Original 1227™ Brass, the Anglepoise® Lamp

Publicado: 9 de November de 2016 a las 11:03 am


The Original 1227™ was launched in 1935 and the time has been responsible for establishing it as one of the great classics of the design. Moreover, it is said that this lamp has been the pioneer of certain standards under which later desk lamps are produced.

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Carmina by Vita Copenhagen

Publicado: 17 de October de 2016 a las 3:04 pm


Now you can find it in the Biocsa&Botey’s news corner. Carmina is one of the best-selling lamps by Vita Copenhagen, it is characterized by different panels that wave it together, creating an effect of slow moving.

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Caravaggio by Lightyears now is available in matt finished

Publicado: 11 de October de 2016 a las 10:17 am


Cecile Manz is the Danish designer who has created Caravaggio. This year she has added a new finished for her lamps. Caravaggio Matt fits a body easily recognisable and a modern expression thanks to its new matt finished.

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Rosa-Violán: “Lighting is 50% of the project”

Publicado: 3 de October de 2016 a las 4:46 pm


“Barcelona is our muse” is a phrase that we love and that we have heard quoting in some occasion to Lázaro Rosa-Violán. Biosca&Botey is part of this heritage of Barcelona that goes in search of design and innovations.

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Rosa-Violán’s Atelier “moves” to Biosca&Botey

Publicado: 13 de September de 2016 a las 4:36 pm


We present exclusively in Barcelona the models Eva and Frank designed by the prestigious interior designer for the new Metalarte catalogue. During the next two months, the shop window of Biosca&Botey…

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Formakami by &tradition, delicate oriental inspiration

Publicado: 17 de August de 2016 a las 7:54 am


Formakami is a series of pendant lamps designed by Jaime Hayón for &tradition. This design with reminiscences to the traditional Chinese lanterns, approaches Eastern culture to the West.

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Toscot a brand with Italian DNA

Publicado: 2 de August de 2016 a las 9:00 am


Biosca&Botey has a wide selection of Toscot’s lamps. You can find in our selection the mitic Battersea model and Torino set, both are made of porcelain.

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Swaan by Danoe is now in Biosca&Botey

Publicado: 25 de July de 2016 a las 12:20 pm


After 100 years Biosca&Botey has been lighting Barcelona city, the store is still supporting new creators. It always supports the innovation and local young designers, Biosca&Botey presents Swaan, the new floor lamp by Denoe studio.

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Metallized Wally wall lamp and CESTA by Santa&Cole

Publicado: 13 de July de 2016 a las 9:23 am

santaandcole news

Until last year the wall had a metallic part while CESTA had a wooden body. In 2015 Cesta has metal and its structure and shape looks more to Wally that now has new finishes.

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Summer holidays

Publicado: 11 de July de 2016 a las 8:19 am

destacada vacaciones

Biosca&Botey will be closed from 08-08-2016 to 23-08-2016, including Saturdays 06 and 27th of August, for summer holidays.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Publicado: 30 de June de 2016 a las 8:57 am


Insolit Bcn is a lighting brand that it was born with the main objective to give a personal lighting solution. Insolit designs and produces its own lamps in Barcelona and its team is made by architects and designers. Its products are a mix between a modern design, decorative elegance and young spirit.

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CONSOL SOLAR JAR now available in Biosca&Botey

Publicado: 23 de June de 2016 a las 9:58 am


The CONSOL SOLAR JAR is a concept of lighting and decor, which emerges to illuminate a jar of kitchen with LED technology through a mini solar panel placed on its cover. A small magnet makes the function “on/off” in contact with the photovoltaic plate.

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Vita Copenhagen gives a fresh air to Biosca&Botey’s store window.

Publicado: 15 de June de 2016 a las 11:52 am

Escaparate vita copenhagen

The lamps of Danish brand Vita Copenhagen will be the protagonist of Biosca Botey store window until last days of August. The new proposal is light and very fresh; it’s perfect for hot summer days in Barcelona.

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Amazing discounts on Showroom’ lamps

Publicado: 15 de June de 2016 a las 8:49 am


Biosca & Botey wants to expand and renew the shop lamps and is for that reason that we liquidate the luminaires in exhibition during June and July. Amazing discounts until 60% on great brands like as Foscarini, Santa&Cole, Flos, Ingo Maurer, Artemide, Lampe Gras, etc…

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Mistu Light is now available at Biosca&Botey

Publicado: 8 de June de 2016 a las 10:54 am

mistu light

A new brand lands in our store; Mistu Light is a company of lighting design. Biosca&Botey proposes a sober and elegant selection, perfect for allow warm light to your home. If you want more information, feel free to ask our colleagues who help you and answer all your doubts.

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GIRO, the lunar lamp by Fabbian

Publicado: 23 de May de 2016 a las 9:40 am

giro by fabbian

Fabbian presents Giro, a pendant lamp made of 32 different rings with several diameters mixed to create a unique sphere. This lunar lamp is designed by Baumann and Sönke Hoof from Fromfjord studio.The LED light source is orientable and allows focus on that you want thanks to its plate that it moves easily.

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¡Novelties in store! Ceiling fans with dc motor

Publicado: 18 de May de 2016 a las 4:43 pm


Spring is the time of the refurbishment of the outdoor lighting, but also the time to think about the rising temperatures. Thinking in the summer, in Biosca&Botey we have prepared a selection of fans so you can refresh yourself during the hottest days of the year.

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Octo by Secto Design, Scandinavian pendant lamp

Publicado: 3 de May de 2016 a las 11:07 am


Octo is a handmade pendant lamp. It’s made of birch wood by Finnish craftsmen. Its light style and its shape turn into a classic of Secto Design. The light escapes across its splits, it causes a soft and hypnotic light game. Its Scandinavian style fits on small spaces, modern flats

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Faro Barcelona presents exclusively 1968 in Biosca&Botey

Publicado: 22 de April de 2016 a las 11:15 am


Faro Barcelona presents exclusively 1968, its more handmade lamp, in Biosca&Botey showcase. A piece of design which creation is of one of the regular designer contributors to the brand, Jordi Busquets, whose manufacturing is developed entirely in Spain.

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Publicado: 6 de April de 2016 a las 11:06 am

frame by rotaliana in Biosca&Botey

It is Drink by Rotaliana. Dante Donegani and Giovanni Laudas, the creators, inspired by glass of wine, but instead of red liquid is full of light. You can find at Biosca&Botey the bronze floor lamp; it’s perfect for modern ambient and classic too. It’s a good choice for work areas and hotels.

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Technology and warm, two models of FontanaArte

Publicado: 22 de March de 2016 a las 10:00 am

novedades fontanaarte

Volée is a design of Odo Fioravanti to FontanaArte. Born after reflecting on the changes in the style of life and work, of how everyday items and lighting acquires a different use. The family Bianca is characterized by its diffuser ornate, with small, delicate furrows on the volume of the glass

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STRING by ROTALIANA, light that rotates

Publicado: 14 de March de 2016 a las 10:00 am


The family STRING is a design of Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda for the Italian firm ROTALIANA. A soft and linear structure that is articulated to direct the light where it is needed. The disc-shaped head, breaks with the linearity of the light.

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Flamingo, Wireflow and Mayfair of Vibia. Now you can make your order!

Publicado: 7 de March de 2016 a las 8:42 am

novedades vibia

From this week you can already order the last Vibia’s novelties in Biosca&Botey store, you can already ordered them! We have selected three models presented by the brand at Euroluce. Flamingo, Myfaire and Wireflow are the three lamps chosen by them beauty.

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OCCHIO part II: 3D system

Publicado: 2 de March de 2016 a las 1:33 pm


The 3D system is the protagonist that Occhio has chosen as a second part for this double light window. An innovative and award-winning ensemble inspired by basic geometric forms: spheres, cylinders and cones. IO, LUI and LEI in reading, suspension and table versions, are going to light up Biosca&Botey’s shop window.

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Our selection for the Father’s Day

Publicado: 22 de February de 2016 a las 4:40 pm

seleccion dia del padre

Thinking about the father’s day, Biosca&Botey has prepared a small selection of office lamps which combine functionality and design. Four very different proposals, both in performance and aesthetics. We hope you like them!

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Colour block, ASPEN’s collection by B-LUX

Publicado: 16 de February de 2016 a las 10:50 am

aspen by blux

ASPEN’s collection by B-LUX proposes lamps full of colour. Two monochrome blocks in pastel tones take part into a design set inspired by American décor at 60’.This designer set is created by Werner Aisslinger, chosen Designer of the year 2014 by the magazine A&W. . Its name comes from the ski station of Colorado who lived its heyday in the ‘ 60s.

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Wheels of bicycles and paper lanterns

Publicado: 9 de February de 2016 a las 11:41 am

spoke by foscarini

Spokes is a pendant lamp designed by Vicente García Jiménez and Cinzia Cumini. The designers inspired by the wheels of bicycles and the oriental culture to create this simple but elegant lamp. Following the Eastern tradition, the Chouchin collection is inspired by the lamps of paper of the same name of the Japanese culture.

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Tibeta by Bover

Publicado: 26 de January de 2016 a las 9:00 am


Tibeta is a set of pendant lamps which seduce us all time, even it’s off. Christophe Mathieu designed this lamps inspired by pottery and its workers. Tibeta is made of spun aluminium, it’s available in 3 shapes and each in 3 finishes: black, copper and aluminium. They are perfect like a set or individual as well.

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Lladró remains in Biosca&Botey

Publicado: 22 de January de 2016 a las 9:00 am

lladró lighting corner

A corner has been accustomed and now the Mademoiselle has a place in our shop. In addition, we have a set of lamps of the collection Belle de Nuit, one of the most desired lines of Lladró. Belle de Nuit is a collection characterized by the warmth of the porcelain and the great variety of colors. The result is that the shades provide a different beam of light, giving a warm touch.

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OCCHIO part I: SENTO, LED revolution

Publicado: 20 de January de 2016 a las 8:55 am


The German firm OCCHIO presents two collections of LED luminaires top of the range and latest generation, which will take up Biosca&Botey shop window for two consecutive months, but which will not coincide in time. Thus, it will be a double shop window that will display the SENTO series and its LED revolution during the first month, and will give way later to IO, LUI and LEI, the 3D system.

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Cister, Coderch’s unpublished design

Publicado: 7 de January de 2016 a las 3:51 pm

cister destacada

CISTER lamp is one of the models unpublished of the architect J.A. Coderch and has an incredible story behind it.CISTER is part of a collection of multiple lamps. The result is a test of three or five concentric cylinders with specific proportions.We are in front of the original design that at some point between 1950 and 1970 the architect devised but never took the manufacture.

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Mademoiselles by Lladró celebrate the Christmas in Biosca&Botey

Publicado: 1 de December de 2015 a las 3:20 pm


Biosca&Botey wants celebrate Christmas and for this reason has chosen Lladró and its lamps. Let the femininity seduces you. It’s the first time that Mademoiselle Collection stars in light window, it was presented in Euroluce 2015 and now choose our store to shine.

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(Español) La bestialité se apodera de Biosca&Botey

Publicado: 27 de November de 2015 a las 9:29 am


(Español) Con esta selección de algunas de las mejores luminarias zoomórficas del momento, Biosca&Botey pone de manifiesto su constante evolución y necesidad de estar a la vanguardia de la iluminación.

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TUNDS reissues Disa, the recognised lamp of Coderch

Publicado: 26 de November de 2015 a las 8:00 am

DISA o Lámpara Coderch

TUNDS presents the renowned suspension lamp Disa, reissuing the only luminaire that the architect José Antonio Coderch designed and manufactured while alive. With this 2015 version, the firm directed by the great nephew of the architect recovers version the exact measurements and desired materials from the original design.

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Biosca&Botey is the first Spanish store have Luctra, smart lamp

Publicado: 24 de November de 2015 a las 4:40 pm


Luctra by Durable is now available on Biosca&Botey. Luctra is the first biologically effective, lighting system for the workplace. Fatigue, listlessness and, at worst, depression can be the consequence of absence of day light.

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