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Classical Revival
Biosca & Boteyis the meeting point for the latest trends in lighting, design and decoration.
GIRO, the lunar lamp by Fabbian

Fabbian presents Giro, a pendant lamp made of 32 different rings with several diameters mixed to create a unique sphere. This lunar lamp is designed by Baumann and Sönke Hoof from Fromfjord studio.The LED light source is orientable and allows focus on that you want thanks to its plate that it moves easily.

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¡Novelties in store! Ceiling fans with dc motor

Spring is the time of the refurbishment of the outdoor lighting, but also the time to think about the rising temperatures. Thinking in the summer, in Biosca&Botey we have prepared a selection of fans so you can refresh yourself during the hottest days of the year.

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Octo by Secto Design, Scandinavian pendant lamp

Octo is a handmade pendant lamp. It’s made of birch wood by Finnish craftsmen. Its light style and its shape turn into a classic of Secto Design. The light escapes across its splits, it causes a soft and hypnotic light game. Its Scandinavian style fits on small spaces, modern flats

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Faro Barcelona presents exclusively 1968 in Biosca&Botey

Faro Barcelona presents exclusively 1968, its more handmade lamp, in Biosca&Botey showcase. A piece of design which creation is of one of the regular designer contributors to the brand, Jordi Busquets, whose manufacturing is developed entirely in Spain.

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It is Drink by Rotaliana. Dante Donegani and Giovanni Laudas, the creators, inspired by glass of wine, but instead of red liquid is full of light. You can find at Biosca&Botey the bronze floor lamp; it’s perfect for modern ambient and classic too. It’s a good choice for work areas and hotels.

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Technology and warm, two models of FontanaArte

Volée is a design of Odo Fioravanti to FontanaArte. Born after reflecting on the changes in the style of life and work, of how everyday items and lighting acquires a different use. The family Bianca is characterized by its diffuser ornate, with small, delicate furrows on the volume of the glass

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STRING by ROTALIANA, light that rotates

The family STRING is a design of Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda for the Italian firm ROTALIANA. A soft and linear structure that is articulated to direct the light where it is needed. The disc-shaped head, breaks with the linearity of the light.

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Flamingo, Wireflow and Mayfair of Vibia. Now you can make your order!

From this week you can already order the last Vibia’s novelties in Biosca&Botey store, you can already ordered them! We have selected three models presented by the brand at Euroluce. Flamingo, Myfaire and Wireflow are the three lamps chosen by them beauty.

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OCCHIO part II: 3D system

The 3D system is the protagonist that Occhio has chosen as a second part for this double light window. An innovative and award-winning ensemble inspired by basic geometric forms: spheres, cylinders and cones. IO, LUI and LEI in reading, suspension and table versions, are going to light up Biosca&Botey’s shop window.

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Colour block, ASPEN’s collection by B-LUX

ASPEN’s collection by B-LUX proposes lamps full of colour. Two monochrome blocks in pastel tones take part into a design set inspired by American décor at 60’.This designer set is created by Werner Aisslinger, chosen Designer of the year 2014 by the magazine A&W. . Its name comes from the ski station of Colorado who lived its heyday in the ‘ 60s.

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Wheels of bicycles and paper lanterns

Spokes is a pendant lamp designed by Vicente García Jiménez and Cinzia Cumini. The designers inspired by the wheels of bicycles and the oriental culture to create this simple but elegant lamp. Following the Eastern tradition, the Chouchin collection is inspired by the lamps of paper of the same name of the Japanese culture.

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Tibeta by Bover

Tibeta is a set of pendant lamps which seduce us all time, even it’s off. Christophe Mathieu designed this lamps inspired by pottery and its workers. Tibeta is made of spun aluminium, it’s available in 3 shapes and each in 3 finishes: black, copper and aluminium. They are perfect like a set or individual as well.

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