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Biosca & Boteyis the meeting point for the latest trends in lighting, design and decoration.
Puraluce, technical excellence

The Italian lighting company Puraluce has a deal with the future: to create the most advanced lighting technology and bring it to market, constantly creating a new and special product.

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Sputnik, light everywhere

SPUTNIK is a floor lamp from the Catalan Brand, Carpyen. As all of their products, it has been designed and make in Barcelona and it is characterized by an easy but sophisticated style.

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Mondrian, squared design

Mondrian is a design from Metalarte. You can use it as a wall lamp or as a ceiling lamp because it has a hook to install directly to the roof.

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Following the stars! 3 pendants lamps by Mister Karton

The 3 pendants lamps are part of Geo Collection and for that reason can be combined perfectly between them, because only varies the shape of these, but not its essence.

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Pipistrello in Biosca&Botey

Pipistrello is a lamp that you can use as a floor or table lamp and it was designed by Gae Aulenti in 1965 for the Italian Brand Martinelli Luce. It is considerate an Italian design icon.

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Achille Castiglioni, is the undisputed star of our showcase

Biosca & Botey is launching a new showcase and nothing better to start this 2018 than a small example of the creations of one of the considered “fathers” of Italian design.

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Moby ap_destacada
MOBY AP from Vistosi

Vistosi, the Italian lighting company, is the wall lamp MOBY AP author. It has a curve shape and its style is similar to the antique Greece. It is made in crystal from Murano, like all Vitosis collections.

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Bolgheri pendant lamp by Toscot, Italian ceramic

Toscot remarks its Italian DNA in each of its luminaries, Bolgheri pendant is characterized by its artisanal production

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New finishes of Mini Type 75 by Anglepoise

Biosca&Botey has the new finishes of the legendary Mini Type 75 by Anglepoise. The new colors are silver, gold and copper.

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A box full of light

CUBOLED is an original table lamp of Cini&Nils with a square shape. The light comes from the top of the lamp, but just if you open the lid it has.

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It’s Christmas time at Biosca&Botey with 3 gift options

(Español) A menos de dos semanas para Navidad, el escaparate de Biosca&Botey se convierte en un idílico rincón lleno de nieve y espíritu navideño. Por primera vez, Biosca&Botey propone un escaparate multimarca.

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destacada drip y drop
Drop and Drip by Bover at Biosca&Botey

The company of lighting Bover is the responsible of the pendants Drop and Drip, both designed by Cristophe Mathieu.

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