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Biosca & Boteyis the meeting point for the latest trends in lighting, design and decoration.
The sea-inspiration of Garota

Gonzalo Milà and Alex Fernandez signed the pendant lamp Garota of Bover firm, a design family for outdoor lighting inspired by the shape of sea urchin.

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Welcome Ferroluce to Biosca&Botey!

Biosca&Botey welcomes the Ferroluce lighting company, specializing in the production of luminaries since 1982 and with the aim of preserving the excellence of Italian manufacturing.

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Four lamps of KUNDALINI

The Italian brand KUNDALINI arrives to Biosca&Botey with four novelties for home. The designs are characterized by the brand claim, which is defined as Cosmopolitan and modular design, and works with the last technological trends.

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Biosca&Botey has the pleasure to introduce the Italian lighting company SLAMP. This company is characterized by being inspired by nature and artistic tendencies.

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INFINITE AURA, the most innovative lamp of Swarovski

Design, innovation and technology works perfectly in this exclusive lamp from Swarovski. INFINITE AURA is a pendant lamp design by IDEO studio characterized by the personalized light it emits.

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Palma, a design by Antoni Arola for Vibia

Biosca&Botey opens one of its famous corners. On this occasion the protagonist is Palma by Antoni Arola for Vibia and it has been awarded with the German Design Award 2018.

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Faro Barcelona outdoor novelties

The good weather is almost here and everybody is looking forward to organizing events in the garden and terraces. For that reason, in Biosca&Botey you will find the outdoor novelties that Faro Barcelona presented last winter

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5 read lamps to celebrate Sant Jordi

This 23th of April we’ll celebrate Sant Jordi or World Book Day. For that reason and to push this habit so healthy, Bisoca&Botey shows you 5 lamps for read and work.

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Create a different space with Melina

Gabriel Teixidó is the Melina lamp designer, which presents the Catalan brand Carpyen. It is a table lamp made in oak wood and with beige linen shade. It has a Nordic and a minimalist style.

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5 lamps that show you Gubi’s elegance

Gubi is a Danish company dedicated to creating luxury items for everyday life. They combine the past and the present to create products that stimulate the senses and at the same time are practical.

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Welcome spring! Two ideas to light the garden

At Biosca&Botey, we have a wide selection of outdoor light fittings. Here are two models from the firm PLATEK.

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Team italia_destacada
The ideal trio from Team Italia

Team Italia is a young lighting company from Italy. The brand designs and produces in Verona using the latest technologies and a modern and contemporary style. In Biosca&Botey you can find three differents proposals for each space and need.

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