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Classical Revival
Biosca & Boteyis the meeting point for the latest trends in lighting, design and decoration.
TUNDS reissues Disa, the recognised lamp of Coderch

TUNDS presents the renowned suspension lamp Disa, reissuing the only luminaire that the architect José Antonio Coderch designed and manufactured while alive. With this 2015 version, the firm directed by the great nephew of the architect recovers version the exact measurements and desired materials from the original design of the 1950s.

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Biosca&Botey is the first Spanish store have Luctra, smart lamp

Luctra by Durable is now available on Biosca&Botey. Luctra is the first biologically effective, lighting system for the workplace. Fatigue, listlessness and, at worst, depression can be the consequence of absence of day light.

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Biosca&Botey, Lladró official distributor

Biosca&Botey becomes Lladró’s official distributor. With the slogan “Lladró is also light,” Biosca offers the opportunity to acquire the lamps of this company who focuses on the manufacturing of porcelain and hand crafted products.All lamps are hand made at the headquarters of the brand in Valencia.

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There come to Biosca&Botey two lamps that join tradition and modernity, Jeeves and Wooster. Two designs of Jake Phipps for Innermost that recreate two British classic hats. Hand-made with felt and an interior recovering in aluminum as lining they represent a top hat and a bowler.

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Customize your Fillin Lamp

The Fillin Lamp shade can be personalized and adapted to different spaces by using different materials to fill it. It is a unique lamp. It is a product designed responsibly with the environment. You can fill the lamp with fish, leaves or food. The LED bulbs don’t cause damage because these bulbs don’t release heat.

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ARTURO ALVAREZ fills with Emotional Light our showcase

Three collections of the “Emotional Light” by Arturo Alvarez catalogue will fill with light Biosca&Botey showcase during the next two months. The award-winning composition of suspensions CORAL is responsible for presiding this space. The floor lamp GEA and two wall lamps ICARUS close this proposal.

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Ferrumplus and Lamparela by Asproseat are available now in Biosca&Botey

Biosca&Botey has in its store the new models of Ferrumplus and Lamparela, two companies that belong to Asproseat Empresa i Treball. Biosca&Botey wants with this new agreement give support to Asproseat’s work.

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Mini Type 75 by Anglepoise, the reading lamp for back to work

For this season Biosca&Botey proposes a mythical reading lamp: Mini Type 75 by Anglepoise. It has a compact and functional design perfect for small and medium spaces like offices and studies.

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Biosca&Botey lights up a reformed Mantequerías Pirenaicas

Biosca&Botey has been responsible for the lighting of one of the places with more tradition in Barcelona, Mantequerías Pirenaicas. It’s an integral reform project, where the lighting has been specially designed to highlight all the spaces according to different needs.

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Faro Barcelona light up the Biosca&Botey garden-showcase

Biosca&Botey has a simple, practical, decorative and functional proposal. Faro Barcelona presents a mix full of usefulness and light design with the wall lamp Blind.

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Amuleto, the sculpture office lamp by Ramun

The table lamp Amuleto by Ramun has a minimalistic structure and three rings that define the union points and light. This office lamp is designed by Alessandro Mendini and the three rings symbolise the Earth (base), the moon and the sun (LED ring).

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HeadHat by Santa&Cole displayed again in Biosca&Botey

The composed system of suspension lamps HeadHat occupies a relevant space again in Biosca&Botey. In fact, it occupied the first shop window of the new stage of the shop after gaining the Delta Gold in June, 2013.

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