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Light Window
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Classical Revival
Biosca & Boteyis the meeting point for the latest trends in lighting, design and decoration.
Carpyen, a light window full of design Made in Barcelona

Carpyen has filled with design Biosca&Botey showcase with some of their 2014 news Made in Barcelona. Five different luminaires are exposed during the next two months, a wide selection that fills with light this space. Biosca&Botey light window is the result of the original proposal of the Nahtrang team, where the main characters are the pieces and the brand.

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Eterfan by Faro Barcelona, not only a summer showcase

Faro Barcelona has been in charge of creating the latest showcase in Biosca&Botey, with a clear intention, highlighting the usefulness of ceiling fans throughout the year. Within the wide range of ventilation of the company, Eterfan has been chosen, this fan is a DELTA 2013 finalist.

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SWAROVSKI seduces the Russian public with their lighting designs

Biosca&Botey, official distributor of Swarovski Lighting in Barcelona, hosted thirty Russian citizens, resident in Catalonia, who came to know the lighting creations of the Austrian signature.

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Vitro Garuti: refreshing proposals

With the rising temperatures, who wouldn’t like to enjoy their favorite drink on a terrace? Vitro Garuti proposes some of your household items, so you can enjoy at home. Sure that any of these three proposals suits your tastes. Some parts, while maintaining very cold drinks, you can also consider more as a decorative element.

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CHESHIRE Fontana Arte, elegant, contemporary and simple

(Español) La lámpara CHESHIRE protagoniza el último escaparate de Biosca&Botey. Un diseño del estudio GamFratesi para Fontana Arte basado en la simplicidad formal, con un marcado énfasis en la búsqueda conceptual y con gran presencia.

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New! Ceiling fans, refresh!

New! Ceiling fans in Biosca & Botey

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STCHU-MOON 03, the moonlight

Feel under the moonlight.

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Swissvoice L7, phone calls with style

(Español) Llega a Biosca & Botey una nueva forma de comunicarse, el teléfono L7. Bajo la premisa “Saying Hello never looked so good”, la compañía suiza Swissvoice presenta este nuevo modelo. El télefono L7 ha sido diseñado con la garantía de calidad Suiza que se refleja tanto en su robustez como en sus materiales.

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SKAN by Vibia, minimalist desing to return to the essential

The lamp SKAN of Vibia leads the light window of Biosca & Botey. SKAN is a hanging lamp with a minimalist design, which returns to essential, combining basic forms and pure lines.

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Caboche LED, a jewel of creativity and technology

In the new LED version of the Caboche lamp, affording high energy efficiency levels and durability, Foscarini wanted to preserve all the emotion of the original lamp.

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HeadHat by Santa Cole, first light window

The light window becomes particularly relevant in the new shop, as it couldn’t be otherwise, Santa & Cole mounts our first light window in the new Biosca & Botey. This time, the protagonist is their awarded lamp HeadHat, which won a Red Dot Design Award and the Delta Gold 2013 too.

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Biosca & Botey in the Kurz & Gut of Palma

Biosca & Botey illuminates the new Kurz and Gut of Palma de Mallorca, an establishment of a chain of German food. The luminaires selected by Biosca & Botey are the stars of the bar area and a small area of ​​the restaurant, located next to the display of drinks.

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