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Tuesday November 9th, 2021

Fornasevi dissenya per a AROMES DEL CAMP l’aplicació SUAL

Fornasevi dissenya per a AROMAS DEL CAMPO l’aplic SUAL, i BioscaBotey no perd l’oportunitat d’exposar-lo en el seu showroom de la c/ Princesa 52. SUAL és […]
Monday November 8th, 2021

TR BULB of MENU SPACE elegant, clean and efficient.

The table lamp of MENU SPACE‘s TR BULB overlay represents the best known “dim to warm” option, a technical advancement that allows for increased light intensity while shifting the […]
Thursday October 28th, 2021

KLEE of Isaac Piñeiro designed by FARO BARCELONA

Isaac Piñeiro designed for FARO BARCELONA another application inspired by the overlapping cubic and spherical geometric shapes. The texturized-based KLEE application has two combineable luminic possibilities, […]
Thursday October 28th, 2021

EVE, the EVA’s little sister of Lumina

The Italian firm LUMINA, presents this year EVE, EVA’s little sister, recently arrived at BioscaBotey. EVA is an indirect up-light tabletop luminaire. The entire assembly sits […]
Tuesday October 19th, 2021

New showcase with CATELLANI&SMITH

(Español) BioscaBotey recupera para su nuevo escaparate una de sus marcas más identificativas de siempre: CATELLANI&SMITH. La marca Italiana nos propone la exposición de un conjunto de luminarias de lo más representativo de su actual catálogo.
Tuesday September 28th, 2021

The reissue of the SYLVESTRINA desktop comes to BioscaBotey

At SANTA&COLE they bet heavily on the reissue of the SYLVESTRINA table lamp